What Our Clients Have To Say

The toothpaste makes my teeth feel so clean and polished! Not the fake type of clean other toothpastes give you. This really shines my teeth! It's amazing to feel such a difference with just one use.

I did a search online for natural chemical free toothpaste and I saw Arganat listed on the Webster you can look up ingredients on. I can't remember what it's called. The ecological one. You scored a 0 on it. That sold me!!!

Rania M.

I really love the toothpaste! The taste is a little different but my mouth feels refreshed after using it. My gums don't bleed anymore and my teeth are getting whiter!

18-30, District of Columbia, USA

Dear Arganat, I bought the natural toothpaste 3 months ago .. Its really great and I like the all natural inegredients.
Thank you so much!

Yoshi C.

I have been using the toothpaste for a few days now and I know the taste is something I'll have to get used to but I was just wondering if it usually has quite a salty taste. I find it to be very salty and hard for me to use in the morning because it almost makes me feel nauseous [...].

Shannon F.

I saw Arganat listed as top of the list on Environmental Working Group for your toothpaste. I use as my guide the Environment Working Group as to ingredients within products. I aim for ingredients all rated “0” if at all possible, but definitely avoid anything with a cancer risk. I really LOVE your toothpaste and it stands alone at the top of the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep toothpaste whitening rating.

B. H.

Arganat products simply exceptional's.

Due to a dental trauma, I had to try many options. None did the job.

But Soad toothpaste, magically!, healed-improved all. Even my dentist could not believe it. And how fast it did the job. Arganat products have more than one applications. Quality-prices bravo!

All her line, I am sure, is to adopt for ever. Good job arganat!!!


Well, after doing a great deal of research regarding toothpaste and all the ingredients that go in it, even those that claimed to be "all natural" and organic (i.e. - no fluoride), they had other things that I didn't want. With my wife now pregnant, I'm going to some extremes by throwing some big change at something so simple as toothpaste. However, it seems to be worth it.

From our first use, I personally noticed a huge difference. I'm used to products such as Arm and Hammer and Colgate, with which I normally have to spend an extended period of time removing that gritty film on my teeth, normally in a manner that is too harsh. However, with just a gentle and small application of this toothpaste, my teeth feel incredibly awesome. With a few quick strokes, that alone removes more than any toothpaste ever has. There is absolutely no grime/grit left even where the gum meets the tooth.

As for flavor, I think the peppermint needs some work. I originally intended it for my wife, but it simply ended up much too herbal and earthy tasting for her (she was gagging), so it ended up being mine. I don't mind it at all, but I understand why she didn't like it. There wasn't nearly enough peppermint to cover up the stronger herbal taste. But again, I actually have always been into my spices and herbs, so I'm entirely content.

The cinnamon I feel is spot on. Way to go on this one. She likes it much better than the peppermint, but she's not too fond of cinnamon (who knew anyone could not like cinnamon!?). This means I'm now using hers and she is using mine! I don't foresee a change in your recipe any time soon regarding the peppermint but update us if you do!

Lastly, I was a little shocked by the size of the container. It was much smaller than I expected. I just didn't have the size pictured in my head when I read it, so that is obviously on me. It's not really a complaint, but more of a general comment. Would you be able to give a sense of scale on the pictures, maybe with something as simple as a jar on a hand? Just a thought! 🙂

But anyhow, thank you for such quality products!

Ashton S.

I have come across your company name a few times online, but my sister (Ingrid A.) is the one that really recommended your toothpaste to me to help with my bleeding gums. She swears by it! I have had my gums bleed for years even by simply brushing my teeth and she recommended that I try your toothpaste and even gave me some to take home and try. It has been great for the past few days I have used it and it seems to be helping, which is wonderful!

Carolina R.

I always check any product that goes onto my skin at the Skin-Deep website.

Not surprisingly, on a scale of 0 to 10, Arganat products all rate a 0, without any added warnings or concerns. I was impressed. No hazard warnings mean the Arganat product line lives up to its all-natural claims, but how would it perform as a cleanser, anti-wrinkle booster and anti-aging enhancer?

Arganat Products combine argan oil and clay in a skin care line that works!

Freshpickedstuff blog
Ontario, Canada, Jan 2011
I am 15 years old. I spend a lot of my time taking action for animals and hope one day to help end all animal cruelty. Therefore I was delighted to discover that you do not test on animals. I think this is brilliant and sets a great example to other companies who should be doing the same. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this email and good luck for the future.
Danielle Jane H
Great Britain, Aug 2011
Arganat products are simply exceptionals. Due to a dental trauma, I had to try many options. None did the job. But Soad's toothpaste, magically!, healed-improved all. Even my dentist could not believe it. And how fast it did the job. Her power cream is amazing strong and soft all @ once. Arganat products have more than one applications. Quality-prices bravo! All the line, I am sure, is to adopt for ever. Good job Arganat!!!
Linda L.
Laurentides, CANADA, Nov 2010
Your products are AMAZING! I'll continue to recommend them to everyone I know. 🙂
Toronto, Canada, Fev 2012

I think the Power cream basically cures or reduces significantly my eczema on my hands! Miracle! I do love the Lip Balm and the Facial Cleanser! I never tried the serum, I would like to! Tried today Preciosa Day Cream* and so far so good! It smells so nice. Angelica M R, Cranston, USA, Feb 2020

ALL NATURAL ANTI-WRINKLE (Under Eye Bag Treatment)  I like the green tea and the rosewater. It  leaves my pores feeling tight, and smooth.  And my skin looks much younger when I use it! It feels nourished by this serum.   comments... I like to put it over my eyes and leave there for 5 minutes.  I hate to waste it, I wish there was a spray.

Spraying it on would be refreshing and great.  I hate how it sinks into the cotton and I feel I am wasting it.

DAILY CARE (Facial Cleanser) mask This white clay mask smells so good, it dries quickly, it is my favorite product by Arganat. It's very fine, and my skin looks vibrant after I use it.  It never dries my skin.

P. G.
Female, 36 years old, Los Angeles, USA, 2007