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The Founding President of Arganat™ Canada

Dr Soad Benkirane, President and Founder - Présidente-fondatrice - Arganat Canada
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“My scientific and bodymind background, together with the love of genuine natural scents, guided me toward achieving my vision.”
Dr. Benkirane
President and Founder, Arganat Canada

Dr. Soad Benkirane is the founding-president of Arganat™ Canada and the developer of its products. Dr. Benkirane is a biochemist and environmentalist by training, and has taught and did academic research in the field of environmental studies for more than 20 years in France, Morocco and Canada.

Soad has developed a practice as a holistic therapist and trainer in Montréal, Canada and registered in 2001 a patent at CIPO on a body-mind therapeutic method based on touch and visualization : “The DALAK METHOD©”.

In 2001, as part of her research in alternative medicine in Montreal, Dr. Benkirane started to formulate a range of all-natural cosmetics based on Argan oil and Clays, both of which have extraordinary healing benefits known for centuries. It was much before people were aware of the toxicity of most industrial cosmetics. So her role revolved both around research and development, creating and improving formulas but also educating customers to use clean products on their largest organ : their skin.

She labeled the products ARGANAT™, a name composed of “ARG”, derived from French ARGile, which stands for clay, and also represents the ARGan oil, and of “NAT”, which stands for NATural. Dr. Benkirane succeeded to create a powerful synergy between carefully selected medicinal plants, organic or wild essential oils, and the healing benefits of clays and argan oil. In 2002 Dr. Benkirane launched the Arganat™ skin care line later named Arganat™ Canada – not to be confused with a different cosmetic brand labeled Arganat too.

Dr. Benkirane succeeded to create a powerful synergy between carefully selected medicinal plants, organic or wild essential oils and the goodness of clays and argan oil. It is in 2002 that Dr. Benkirane finally launched the Arganat™ care line, later renamed Arganat™ Canada4, in order not to be confused with other products bearing the same name.

Dr Soad Benkirane’s company is the result of her cultural background, curiosity and passion, her scientific knowledge, her strong interest in alternative medicines and her commitment for well-being and the environment. It also highlights her high sense of ethics.

“I believe that beauty comes from the inside and that stimulating our senses of smell and touch can help us feel better. The skin is the largest organ of our body. It absorbs more than 80% of what we apply on it, so it is important to provide it with the best nutrients”, says Soad. "Every product in my company started as an answer to a real human need — whether mine, my family’s, or friends. For example, a teeth sensitivity led to the first version of the Clay Toothpastes; facial skin problems inspired the Facial Tonifying Cleanser; and severe dry skin areas on lips, hands, feet and elbows triggered the development of the Power Cream. I wanted to offer both men and women a genuine natural body-care line. I also wanted to create a care line that was versatile, effective, and beneficial for most skin types and ages. It was important for me to adapt this skin-care line to modern needs, while keeping an ancestral natural know-how that has been tested for millennia. In this way, I could create products that generate a fast, deep and lasting well-being ’For Body And Soul’. I am so grateful to be able to make a difference in people’s life, and reviews of their experiences make me feel satisfied while helping me to better meet their needs.”

Dr. Soad Dr. Benkirane, who was familiar with the cultural use of products based on the Argan tree for about 2,000 years in Morocco – in culinary, cosmetic, remedies fields – had the opportunity to participate in the 1980s in a research in south-western Morocco that examined goats nourished on a diet mainly based on the fruits of the Argan trees. The research found that this diet had a significant impact on the goats’ longevity, their immune system, and fertility. These findings indicated the promising health benefit of the Argan tree, confirming so the cultural use of this golden tree.

The carefully chosen ingredients used by Arganat™ Canada in the facial, body and oral hygiene care products are listed by highly recognized consumer and environmental protection associations as clean and responsible products : Safe Cosmetics, Skindeep, Environmental Working Group, Safe Cosmetics, PETA, Living Toxin Free, Healthy Tomorrow, Purpicks, Pernucopia, etc.

ARGANAT™ Canada products are 100% natural, non GMO, without any added synthetic chemicals nor mineral oils, gluten-suger-dye free and they are not tested on animals.

Products are manufactured in Canada with respect for the planet.

All ARGANAT™ Canada products are registered with Health Canada.

“I want to say special thanks to the great people around me, my children, my friends and relatives, my clients and all other dedicated skilled people who trusted in my project and supported it. Without them, none of these products would be available”

Curriculum Vitae

*Dr. Benkirane holds a master in Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology and a Post Ph.D. in Water Pollution from the University of Paris VII-Denis Diderot, France.

Click here if you want to learn about the amazing energetic impact of the Arganat™ products. Other service: www.methodedalak.com. Her LinkedIn Profile