About Arganat Canada

Arganat™ Canada Line Vision

What Arganat Canada does is to bring you back in harmonious balance by offering you ancient beauty secrets from Africa and Europe with a powerful anti-aging and regenerating combination of the most anti-oxidant firming protecting vegetal oil: Argan oil and purifying sun dried clays with chemical free, meticulously chosen medicinal plants and organic or wild essential oils, all these ingredients known for millennia to have cosmetic and healing properties.

Arganat Canada products make you feel immediately clean, radiant, reborn. Your skin unfolds, your pores tightens, wrinkles gently vanish, smoothness spread inducing a real beneficial energy shift, a pure delight for your Body and Soul!

Dr. Benkirane
President and Founder, Arganat Canada

Raising Awareness Since 2000

Over 20 years ago, we sensed the importance, if not the emergency, to make people aware of toxic chemicals found in our daily products, whether in our household products, our personal hygiene products and even our cosmetics.

As our skin absorbs over 80% of what we put on, many concerns arise. (Read Recto verseau’s text (in French))

A new concept of beauty was introduced for which you don’t need toxins to be injected, nor to suffer hazardous chemical or even surgery to get this young radiant look we are all looking for.

We first had to educate people to our new concept of care and beauty where health, aesthetic and pleasure meet in a natural high-end body care line.

Then came the ever increasing customer demand for wholesome and natural products from people looking for genuinely sustainable and risk-free well-being.

Groundbreaking Cosmetic Line Created in 2002

We created in 2002, in North America, a groundbreaking cosmetics line made in Quebec, with the best organic and/or wild ingredients sourced all over the world.

We merge cosmetic traditions and knowledge of Eastern and Western civilizations adapting centuries-old practices to the ever-evolving modern life.

Arganat Canada’s Commitment

Announcements to Our Dear Customers

  • It was brought to our attention that another skin care line with the similar brand name ARGANAT is sold on the web.  Arganat Canada products are sold only on this web site and nowhere else for now.
  • Arganat™ skin care products are 100% natural unlike industrial cosmetics. As you could have never been in contact with one of them, it is therefore recommended to test the products in a smaller zone before applying them to your face even if no allergy cases claimed. 
  • As Arganat™ skin care products do not contain any chemical emulsifiers, it is important to shake them well before each application and keep them in temperatures between 5ºC and 20ºC. Since the masks  and toothpastes do not contain any anti-desiccant agents (anti-dryness), it is recommended to tightly close the jars to avoid the dry up of the clay. If it happens, feel free to add some pure water when needed and stir the clay.