These tests were carried out with a Kirlian device which makes it possible to visualize the chakras and the aura of a person.

A picture of a person’s chakras and aura is taken at one time then seconds or minutes after applying an Arganat™ product.
This allows you to see if this product has an impact on a person’s energy or not.

Our sincere thanks to Jacques Beauchamp who performed these various Kirlian tests with some Arganat™ products and then interpreted their impact on the chakras and the aura of the person. (WINAURA software…)

Overall, these tests show that Arganat™ products provide soothing, harmonizing, communicating and energizing energy while eliminating low frequency memories, generating so a deep cleansing and the being alignment.

This confirms the numerous testimonies of our customers who regularly mention immediate and lasting well-being as well as the fact that these products have the power to shift the cell energy.

In addition to the rapid and visible cosmetic effects, there is a real unfolding and glowing of the person’s skin as if it were radiating from the inside.

That meets our initial vision: cosmetics for body and soul.

The Arganat ™ Canada team is particularly grateful to the precious contribution of Mr. Jacques Beauchamp ([email protected]).