We Use Only Natural Organic or Wild Ingredients

Essential Oils and Other Ingredients

The essential oils we use, whether organic or wild, are of the highest grade. Not only do they have an exquisite gentle smell characteristic of our brand, be it rose, bigarrad (bitter orange flowers and buds, citrus aurantum), geranium, blue chamomile to name just a few, these precious oils considered by local cultures as powerful remedies have been used for millennia for skin care and also for the delight of soul.

The vegetable oils we use are extra virgin and 1st cold pressing. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that heal and nourish the skin while protecting it from dryness. They are the precious carriers of the essential oils.

The organic or wild plants and other ingredients we use in our brand have been used for millennium by traditional  cultures as remedies or as food preservative. This is why we do not use chemical preservatives or emulsifiers, Nature offering us much more!

To answer the needs with high sensitivity, we have created ultra sensitive skin versions of some products. Coming soon!

Thanks to the authors of AROMATHERAPIE, BY Dr Brigitte Schulhess & Ursula Rosti Blaser, Layout Printsats SA Gümligen.

Prunus amygdalus var dulcis

Rich in simple and polyunsaturated unsaturated fatty acids, this oil heals, nourishes, soothes, calms, protects and smooth the skin. It is a universal oil for all skin types, including babies.

Prunus armenica
Rich in simple unsaturated fatty acids (70%) and polyunsaturated (30%), this oil is soft, softening, regenerating, ideal for dry irritated or aging skin.


Persea americana
Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, in vitamins A and D, lecithin, potassium and assists with strengthening cell membranes and soothes and nourishes the skin. It is particularly softening, very oily, nourishing, regenerating and quickly absorbed.
For all skin types, especially for dry and scaly skin.

Spasmolytic, anti bacterial and anti viral, anti inflammatory, relaxing and nerve strengthening, anti depressant
The fresh scent of basil can be both calming and refreshing, aroma that is invigorating to both body and spirit.

Natural emulsifier, emollient, moisturizer, and helps to soothe skin.


Anti bacterial, anti viral, deodorant, improves mood, heals the skin, cleans the air
Uplifting and relaxing effect. Helps reduce the symptoms of acne or boils. Great for oily or blemish-prone skin.
Coumarins and furocoumarins are photo toxic and could increases skin sensitivity in high concentrations.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange or Neroli (Citrus aurantium) essential oil balances, tones, and moisturizes the skin to improve its appearance, especially in cases of dry, sensitive, or mature skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines . It has anti inflammatory, disinfectant, immunostimulant, deodorant impact and stimulates blood circulation. Great air purifier. It has calming and emotionally balancing effect which helps to soothe anxiety and stress.

CalendulaContains skin regenerating and healing properties and helps tone the skin.


Has healing and anti-inflammatory properties due to its chamazulene content as well as other constituents found in the oil.

Blue Matricaria recutica or chamomilla
Very anti inflammatory, regenerating cells, excellent soothing for allergies, skin, burns, eczema and stress disorders etc. Uplifting and strengthening.

Roman Chameamilla nobile or Athemis nobile
Powerful anti inflammatory, rebalancing emotions, calming, cares for the skin, excellent for energy blockages.

Cinnamomum Ceylanicum
Cinnamon contains a lot of anti-oxidants, which helps to prevent the causes of aging and other complications. It has properties that help prevent oxidation from occurring in our bodies and boost the immune system.
Anti bacterial with very large spectrum, antiviral, anti fungal, antiseptic, stimulates blood circulation, toning, Excellent for toothache and dental infections. Strengthening, aphrodisiac.
Not for children under 6

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil rich in vitamins promotes organ function and cell growth and improves blood flow. It is anti-inflammatory. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil make it an ideal natural topical ointment for minor cuts, scrapes, and skin rashes. Coconut oil is especially effective on speeding the healing process of bruises or to soothe and prevent peeling of sunburned skin. Use to remove plaque and harmful bacteria away from the gums (oil pulling).


Coriandrum sativum
Antiseptic, anti inflammatory, analgesic, fortifying, anxiolytic.
Coriander has antimicrobial and anti fungal properties. It has powerful antioxidants, slowing down the aging process and helping prevent other serious conditions from developing. Coriander seeds oil is traditionally used for irritated eyes


The Cornflower is traditionally used in Europe to soothe the eyes. Excellent anti inflammatory and calming flower.

Dead Sea Salt

To come.

It relieves joint or muscle pain. Used in many skin care products for its cleansing properties. Powerful stress-reducing and deodorant.
Antiseptic, antiviral, anti inflammatory, calming, deodorant

Antibacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, expectorant, energizing, purifies the air, good against colds, flu, muscle tension, dermatological mycoses, exhaustion
Not for asthmatics, pregnant women and children under 6 (ketones)

Antiviral, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, expectorant, mucolytic, insect repellent, energizing and refreshing, cares for the skin (acne, skin inflammations, herpes, shingles, etc.)
No ketones like Eucalyptus Globulus: indicated for pregnant women and children under 6

Rosat Pelargonium Gravoelens Roseum
Helps to keep the skin supple and is useful for all skin types as it balances the sebum secretion and is a natural astringent and also assists sluggish congested skin. Due to its cicatrising and antiseptic properties it is useful in healing while increasing blood flow improving skin tone and elasticity.
Antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, analgesic, hormonal balancing, anti rheumatism, anti-stress, regenerates cells, heals the skin (stretch marks, acne, wounds, burns, eczema etc.) Stimulates our yin side.

Green Tea

Out of numerous positive benefits of green tea, it has anti-aging properties. New research has found evidence that green tea can possibly delay collagen aging effects by the antioxidant mechanism. Powerful anti inflammatory.

The helichrysum flower commonly called “everlasting” or “immortal” is great for bruises and helps with swelling and inflammation, as well as other skin conditions like brown spots, minor wound care, and athlete’s foot. It helps support healthy looking skin by reducing the symptoms of acne and relieving minor skin irritations.
Regenerates cells, anti inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation, relaxing, clarifying, excellent skin care (scars, acne, inflammation, rosacea, …)

Simmondsia chinensis
It’s actually a liquid wax that contains 97% unsaturated wax esters. It is stable much longer than other oils (does not go rancid). Slightly oily, anti-inflammatory, it regenerates and soothes the skin, helping it to maintain its humidity level. Quickly absorbed. Good for normal, very dry, scaly skin, after-sun care, eczema.

Jasmine grandiflorum
Anti inflammatory, regenerates and tones the skin, fights sadness, aphrodisiac.


Lavender has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties and soothing properties for irritated and sensitive skin and also helps to accelerate cellular renewal for all skin types. Lavender can be used for minor wounds like bruises, burns, cuts and scrapes, bug bites, and sunburn.
Augustifolia officinalis, true lavender
Anti inflammatory, dental infections, respiratory tract disease, healing, anti bacterial, anti viral, stimulates blood circulation, anti infectious, deodorant, immuno-stimulant, calming and toning, re-balancing restoring, harmonizing, skin care (acne, rosacea, psoriasis , etc.)
This lavender has the greatest number of therapeutic indications both physically and energetically
Anti infectious, anti fungal-viral-bacterial, analgesic, regenerates cells, tones and heals the skin, energizing. Not for children under 6

LemonLemon is one of the best essential oils for skin care because of its natural astringent properties and can help improve skin tone, elasticity, blemish-prone and congested or oily skin.

Lemongrass Cymbopogan citratus
Anti fungal-viral-bacterial, analgesic, anti inflammatory, regenerates cells, strengthens and heals the skin. Refreshes and stabilizes the mental state.

Maleleuca (Tea Tree)

Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal with very large spectrum, anti-inflammatory, anti parasite, anti pruritic, analgesic, purifies the air and heals the skin (acne, sunburn, herpes, insect bites, etc.). Psychotonic.

Citrus Aurantum Var Amara
Anti-inflammatory-bacterial-parasite, stimulates digestive, hepatic, respiratory, cardiac, hormonal functions, nervous fortifier, harmonizing, skin care (varicose veins, stretch marks…). Aphrodisiac

Meelaluca veridiflora, quinquenervia
Antiviral, anti bacterial, broad spectrum antifungal, anti inflammatory, expectorant, deodorant, heals and regenerates the skin, air purifyer, energizes.

Olive Oil

Beside its numerous positive effects on heart and brain, olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants that helps slow down the aging process. It soothes and nourishes the skin.


Origanum vulgare
Broad spectrum anti infectious (anti-bacterial-viral-fungal-parasitic), immunostimulant, toning, stimulates blood circulation, warming, analgesic, stimulating and anti-inflammatory, fortifying uplifting. Oregano is a powerful antimicrobial effect ideal for oral hygiene.
Not for children under 6 and hypertensive. Phenols.

Palmarosa moisturizes and helps balance sebum production for dry, oily, or combination skin types, improving the appearance of skin. It has antimicrobial properties.
Antiviral, anti bacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, nerve tonic, rebalances and cares for the skin (acne, skin inflammations, rosacea), comforting.
Indicated for infants, children, pregnant women and for very sensitive people.
The geraniol contained in this essential oil is used to decontaminate the air in spaces with computers etc

Pogostemon Cablin
Anti inflammatory, anti allergic, healing, regenerates, tones and heals the skin. Aphrodisiac.


Mentha piperita
Peppermint has powerful stimulating and refreshing antibacterial properties and also helps relieve itching and irritation.
Anti inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation, refreshes thanks to menthol which stimulates cold receptors, stimulates digestive functions, soothes headaches, body aches, spasmolytic, immunostimulant, anti-bacterial-viral-fungal, tones vessels, energizes, regenerates cells, refreshes the breath and mouth.
Not for children under 5 or at epilepsy. Avoid overdose of ketones.

Citus aurantum var amara leaves and young shoots
Rebalances the nervous and respiratory system, anti-inflammatory, calms and refreshes, regenerates cells, excellent for skin inflammations, wounds, physical and nervous tensions. Help in difficult experiences.

Cinnamomum camphora
Strongly antiviral, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, expectorant, nervous tonic, fortifying, anxiolytic, cares for the skin. Energizing

Damas Rose

Dadès rosa damascena
Used for millennia for skin care, rose water and rose essential oil are perfect for dry or aging skin. They tighten the pores of the skin. This oil has excellent emollient and moisturizing properties and combined with its stimulating and antiseptic properties, it is ideal for all skin types. It is used for the treatment of broken capillaries, redness and inflammation, therefore perfect for rosacea.
The typical smell of the rose comes from elements that only exist in trace amounts but for which the olfactory detection threshold is very low (bdamascenone, bionone)
Powerful anti inflammatory of the eyes among others, antiseptic, antiallergic, cicatrizing, hormonal regulator, regenerates the cells, takes care of the skin (shingles, acne, mouth ulcers, stretch marks, herpes, impotence, mammary and vaginal irritations…) Aphrodisiac


Rosemary can improve skin hydration and elasticity while reducing irritation and excessive oil production.

Cineole Officinalis cineoliferum
Strongly antibacterial, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, tones the vessels by stimulating blood circulation, heals and strengthens the skin. Energizing and clarifying.

Camphor Rosmarinus officinalis, type camphoriferum
Tones in general, muscles, digestive functions, light antiseptic, anti inflammatory, relaxing and psychostimulant
Do not use in children, epilepsy and pregnant women!
Verbenone verbenoniferum
Disinfectant, immunostimulant, stimulates metabolism, regenerates cells and heals the skin. Psychostimulant.
Do not use in children, epilepsy and pregnant women!


Clary salvia sclarea
Spasmolytic, light anti bacterial, anti fungal, conditioner, estrogen-like, regenerates cells, relaxant. Aphrodisiac.

Salvia officinalis
Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, febrifuge, estrogen-like, mobilizes fat, stimulates metabolism, blood circulation, regenerates cells. High dose abortifacient. Excellent against cellulite, stretch marks, but not during pregnancy.
Do not use in children, epilepsy and pregnant women. (Ketones)

Santalum album
Antibacterial, anti viral, anti-inflammatory, mucolytic, expectorant, cardiotonic, immunostimulant, cardiotonic, tones the lymph, regenerates cells, heals and heals the skin. Strengthens the bonds between body and soul. Aphrodisiac.
Child and babies care.

Reduces acidification. Rich with vitamins and minerals, it is a great anti oxidant and anti cellulite.


Thyme essential oil help strengthen a healthy immune system and prevent infections. It removes toxins and has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe minor aches and pains. It helps keep skin clear, moisturized, and vibrant.

Thymus vulgaris linaloliferum or geranioliferum
Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, antiparasitic, immunostimulant, general tonic, fortifying indicated in children, energizing, cares for the skin (wounds, eczema, psoriasis…). Energizing.<

Thymus vulgaris thymoliferum
Antibacterial and broad spectrum antiviral, immunostimulant, stimulates blood circulation, digestive functions, antirheumatic, warms. Fortifying.

Strong red thyme
Do not use in children with hypertension. External application only and localized! (Phenols)

Walnut Bark

Walnut bark has been used for centuries in North Africa, much before toothpastes, to clean teeth and gum, to prevent cavities, to whiten teeth and have healthy mouth.

White Clay

Absorbing, adsorbing, antiseptic, healing, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, fungistatic, haemostatic, excellent re-mineralizer for teeth and bones, calms and heals ulcers. Sun-dried and ultra-aged. More information.