ALL NATURAL ANTI-WRINKLE I like the green tea and the rosewater. It leaves my pores feeling tight, and smooth. And my skin looks much younger when I use it! It feels nourished by this serum. comments... I like to put it over my eyes and leave there for 5 minutes. I hate to waste it, I wish there was a spray. Spraying it on would be refreshing and great. DAILY CARE mask This white clay mask smells so good, it dries quickly, it is my favorite product by Arganat. It's very fine, and my skin looks vibrant after I use it. It never dries my skin. P G. Female, 26 years old, Los Angeles, USA

I love the all natural clay toothpaste. It makes my teeth stronger and whiter. As for the power cream, the whole house uses it. It is very useful for everyday cuts. I had problems with the pimples on my face, but the daily care for face and neck simply made the difference. All these products are extremely useful and competent. M. B, Female, - 18 years, Student, Morocco

Excellent results with the toothpaste: after a year, my dentist noticed that my teeth and gum were healthier than ever and the disappearance of tartar. I successfully used the power cream on chaps and scratches. The daily care gives a deep fresh soft feeling to facial skin. Guillemette I., 30-50 years old, therapist, Montréal

The power cream eradicated my feet bad smell and really softened my knees and elbows. My bad breath went away when I started using the toothpaste. Pascal L. 18-30 years old, computer graphics designer, Laval

The paste gives my previously very irritable gum an intense comfort feeling that spreads to my whole mouth. Michel D., 50 years old +, journalist, Montréal

With the scale preventive facial mask, I solved periodic problems: I use it twice a month to prevent me from coming out in spots. The bath lotion softens my skin at least for two days. The anti-wrinkle treatment is just great: I look much less stressed! Diane T., 30-50 years old, teacher, Montréal

I do recommend using the tooth paste: in a few weeks, my weak gums look healthier and firmer! Michel T., 50 years old +, psychotherapist, Montréal

Although I had to get used to the special taste of the tooth paste, my gum seem stronger and do not bleed any more. The daily care smells so good…Also, it is so refreshing and cleaning. The power cream makes my skin extremely supple and moisturized. The mask is efficient and easily spread. Nicole D., 50 years old +, therapist, Montréal

I would suggest to men to try Arganat products!
Isabelle T., 18-30 years old, budget consultant, Montréal

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