• Share nature's beneficial bounty and keep ancestral knowledge alive

  • Meet peoples' increasing need to connect with nature and re-awaken gratitude for all that nature offers

  • Contribute to a re-definition of hygiene and beauty

  • Invite you to rediscover the pleasure of being beautiful and healthy, voluptuously.

    Offer you series of natural high-grade products

    of which the lasting effects benefit your body as well as the inner you… truly a new product that is free from the array of familiar chemicals : colors, stabilizers and sweeteners.

    that offer to both women and men alike that feeling of being at home inside one's skin, a feeling of freshness and beauty with a skin that is alive, soft and vibrant, including a delightful oral hygiene that leaves you bursting with freshness and health. Products that offer a true and perceptible result instead of superficial camouflage.

    that invite you to make your daily hygiene a truly privileged moment in which taking care of yourself is a joy

    that allow you to be a conscious and active consumer. When you choose these products you are contributing to:

  • - the protection of rare and endangered species, in particular the argan tree;
    - the renewal of an ancient body of knowledge that comes to us from time immemorial, from the African, the European and the native cultures of the world;
    - the dignity of our species by supporting a niche for women workers who produce the argan oil, who transform the bark of the walnut tree, who sew…

  • To preserve our faith, our ethics, and an artisan method of production and quality, all the while evolving to meet today's needs.

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