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Oral Care

All Natural Clay Toothpaste

Clay and walnut bark have been used as powerful mouth cleansers for centuries. If you're surprised by the taste at the first use, you will be amazed to see how, after a few weeks of mild brushing with this tooth & gum paste, your teeth get whiter, your gums look healthier, and you can get rid of bad breath and tartar.

Put a small amount on your toothbrush and softly brush your teeth for about 3 min. It is suggested to also brush your tongue.

Since the toothpaste do not contain any anti-desiccant agents, it is recommended for you to tightly close the bottles to avoid the drying up of the clay. If you need to, feel free to add some pure distilled water.

Green Clay, Water, Argan Oil, White Clay, Dead Sea Salt, Walnut Bark, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Chemical FREE, Flagrance FREE, Coloring Agents FREE, Alcohol FREE

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50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.
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Customer Reviews

Although I had to get used to the special taste of the tooth paste, my gum seem stronger and do not bleed any more. Nicole D., 50 years old +, Female, therapist, Montréal, Canada

My bad breath went away when I started using the toothpaste. Pascal L., 18-30 years old, Male, computer graphics designer, Laval, Canada

I do recommend using the tooth paste: in a few weeks, my weak gums look healthier and firmer! Michel T., 50 years old +, Male, psychotherapist, Montréal, Canada

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